Since the dawn of human history education has evolved and expanded in various directions connected with human life and    society. In our world the evolution of individual life and society is based on the knowledge. Since the independence in the  cities at a very fast pace, but still there are many villages where even basic literacy has not reached to dispel the darkness. It  is an irony of our times that while on the one hand the western man has reached moon, we on the other hand have not begun  to equip our poor brethren with the rudiments of alphabets. Our culture and tradition shows us that whenever service oriented  people have asked to fulfill some basic human requirements, people have helped by donating generously for such  causes. Education is the real cultural wealth of a nation. To-day we need to tap and rouse the talents lying dormant in the heat  of the poor villagers. It therefore, becomes the responsibility of every enlightened and affluent person to contribute  liberally to this humane program oriented to educate the poor.

The Beginnings.....

The period between 1972 to 1977 saw the unprecedented flooding of the mighty Narmada River, which brought about the devastation of the village of Mandava Buzarg situated on the banks. The village was entirely wiped out and was subsequently relocated at a new site on the higher ground about 14km away from Bharuch.

As part of the effort to rehabilitate the people, a number of voluntary organizations sprang up on the basis.

This ultimately crystallized into Shri Gayatri Vikas Mandal (G.V.M)

GVM has been formally registered as a charitable trust bearing Registration No.F.105 Bharuch with the Charity Commissioner. The main objective was to bring about the social, economic and educational upliftment of these deserving people.

At this point of time, till this day, there was no school in the radius of 200sq km surrounding Mandava Buzarg which includes the villages of Mulad,Kharchi,Naugama.Amrutpara and Samor.

GVM took upon itself the unique, and ambitious, task of setting up and running a full-fledged Higher Secondary level school at Mandva Buzarg full fledged school was conceived to cater the entire area having a population of 125,000.The major portion of this being made up of 50% Adivasi(tribals)and 30% Baxi communities which were economically developing. They had so far being denied an opportunity for education as there was no secondary level schooling facility.

This school was aimed at helping this segment of the society to acquire gainful employment in the rapidly developing industrial areas of Bharuch, Ankleshwar and Zagadia Talukas about 12km away from Mandva.

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